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Nathan Hoeh - Artist/Furniture Designer 

Born in Chicago, Illinois in 1977, Nathan was destined to create. As a child he was determined to unravel the mystery of function and spent countless hours disassembling objects to learn what made them work.
Later, during Junior High School, he found his creative passion in a wood shop class. Starting small, he built wooden toys and then graduated to small furnishings and clocks. His aptitude at design was not lost on his instructors. He was selected to lead a team of fellow students in the design and construction of a small structure, learning the fundamentals of technical drawing and drafting in the process. He pursued his interest in the field, taking drafting classes and began his study of architecture while still in High School.
The family relocated to Europe where Hoeh became immersed in the art and history abundant throughout the European continent. He continued his study of art and architecture while finishing his high school education at a private school in the Swiss Alps.
It was here that Hoeh was recruited to attend the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). Following graduation, he relocated to Savannah, Georgia where he completed three years of study in the Architecture program and finished with two years studying the art of Furniture Design, mastering all aspects of art and art/design history. He graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor of Fine Art/Furniture Design, winning the coveted award "Most Outstanding Furniture Design Student". He was also awarded "Best of Senior Show" for his bench titled "Smiling Buddha". During this same year, Hoeh was selected to represent SCAD/United States at the European Furniture Fair-Milan, Italy.
Following graduation, Hoeh was offered a position with Matt Decell Furniture in Charleston, SC where he designed and produced two lines of high end custom furniture, sold globally. For three years Hoeh remained in Charleston until he reached a decision to pursue his dream of opening his own furniture design business, creating functional art for the home.
And so in 2003, HoehWorks was created in Asheville, North Carolina. Hoeh continues to create custom high end wood furniture and has expanded his portfolio to include custom wrought iron works as well. Hoeh works with clients to design what will work best for their lifestyle, stretching the boundaries of design to bring them a truly one of a kind piece. The movement of his furniture designs, through form as well as the integral grain of the wood, captures an energy which is one with the environment. His furniture can be found in high end homes across the country as well as in the Asheville region.